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Rolf Benz

Just take a look behind the perfect design, and you will discover the quality at the heart of every piece of Rolf Benz furniture. It takes exactly the right feeling for shape and design to create a classic. To construct it, you need one thing in particular: experience. We have been perfecting our furniture for more than 50 years, continually developing the structural design, upholstery and covers. The result is superb quality, “made in Germany”, unmistakably Rolf Benz, and palpable in every centimetre of your sofa. Discover for yourself the secret of this incredibly comfortable sitting experience and outstanding durability. Learn to appreciate the differences in the way upholstery is constructed. Understand that leather isn’t just leather. And find out which sofa is the best match for you and your own lifestyle. Want it now? Some of our European lines have stock in the US, in which case, we can offer Quick Ship on select items. Please Contact Us for instant gradification.