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Why Contemporary?

We tested 10 people and 8 thought Modern and Contemporary meant the same thing.

Well, they weren’t trained students of design, obviously. But they were people who appreciate square edges and clean lines, minimalism, metal, glass and stone. 

Modern refers to a period of time—officially the 1930s to the mid-1960s. The defining elements of modern design are clean lines, neutral colors, natural materials, low and long furniture, natural light, and open floor plans.

First, there was modernism, then came contemporary interior design.

Contemporary, by definition, means existing, occurring now. 

Contemporary interior design means decluttering. Think Marie Kondo.

The shared commonalities between modernism and contemporary design are minimalism, clean crisp lines, open spaces, neutral color palette, and form follows function.

Contemporary described in a dozen words is minimalism, updated materials, neutral color, showcasing art in an open floor plan. Contemporary includes mid-century, Scandinavian, industrial, glam, and Bohemian styles.

Our experts at Studio 2b—Samantha Bales and Allen Bales—will work with you to define the modern in your contemporary furniture choices. Then you can explain to your friends who envy your living space.