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Our customer niche reports that remodeling their bathroom is a decision they make when they want to enjoy the improvement vs. preparing to sell. No room in the house has changed more than the bathroom over the last decade. Frameless glass shower shields have replaced sliding shower doors. Luxurious soaking tubs are the centerpiece of room-size showers creating a sort of Wet Room. Infinity shower drains are discretely tucked into the shower that has no curb, barrier or threshold. Shower heads rain down from the ceiling. Jets pulsate with water at multiple points in the shower. Bidets are increasingly popular making the 6-piece bathroom nearly commonplace. The new bathroom is a personal retreat. With so many spa-like amenities, homeowners want to linger longer. Studio 2b features faucets, fixtures and lighting to fast-forward your bathroom to 2017. The same sleek modern cabinetry found in our furnishings is available in vanities and bathroom storage. Bathrooms this nice can change your mind about moving…ever.

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