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Fine Art & Accessories

Samantha and Allen Bales are artists-turned-design forces, a rarity in the interiors world. The Bales’ understanding of art mediums and art history positions Studio 2b to knowledgably pair art and surroundings with purpose. Additionally, it means that Studio 2b has art on the showroom walls that customers can take home today. Art is a highly personal matter, the Bales insist. That said, the process of discovery of what art holds particular appeal for any given client is a journey made all the more enjoyable in the Bales’ company. Tour the showroom. Take in the sculpture, paintings, etchings, pen and inks, art crafted of wood and fabric, ceiling mounted art, art meant for tabletops and walls. Our accessories are at once fun and functional. From throw pillows to poofs that mimic sculpture to wall-mount shelves, innovative bookends and centerpieces, we have accessories that entertain as much as they perform for you.

Want it now? Some of our European lines have stock in the US, in which case, we can offer Quick Ship on select items. Please Contact Us for instant gratification.