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About Us

We are a creative team of artists and designers who are passionate about the art of design, not just selling product but tailoring the choices of materials to the individual and creating the very best scenario of design and functionality. Rooms should look good and furniture should feel good, form follows function. A simple philosophy in theory, raw talent, hard work, and experience make it all possible.



When we started in this business, the only way to see finely crafted European modern furnishings was to travel to Europe. We set about collecting the best quality pieces by reputable manufacturers across the pond. Our intention: That our

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We are passionate about tailoring choices to your individual preferences for design and functionality, even if you’re just beginning to explore the world of options. In the discovery phase of our design engagement, we are focused on

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Team Members

We don’t work in a vacuum. We create an oasis where visionary design finds comfort, solace, inspiration, and satisfaction. This is why respected designers and architects nationwide refer us to clients in pursuit of the

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