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Gift Ideas

Not every gift is as vanilla as socks. At least not a gift from Studio2b.

We have solutions for each room of your life and every space in those rooms. We have a gift to give for every occasion and all budgets. The fine china Urban Landscape Mug by Gábor Palotai makes city life an abstract art. In four motifs for Design House Stockholm, he explores the energy of Downtown, the Pattern of urban life, the Overview of the map, and the locus of the Detail.

Or how about a new desk chair in honor of that promotion? The Rolf Benz 650, inspired by two intertwined hands. The beautiful wood shells made from either oak or walnut ensure maximum seating comfort, resting either dynamically on a frame in the same wood versions with oval feet, or on a slightly angular steel tube underframe, whichever the customer prefers. The metal foot is available in polished chrome or in painted black or grey. The customized quilted cushion is available in fabric made from 100 % recycled polyester or in breathable artificial leather.

The point is that a gift from Studio2b is a gift that truly lasts a lifetime because style this perfected never goes out of favor.

Not everyone has the benefit of being acquainted with modern lifestyle furnishings, art and accessories soon enough in life. Some of us have to wade through layers of style flavors until we find the style that sticks with our aesthetic.  Too many of us have had to pass through phases of Shabby Chic, Bohemian, Early American, French Provincial, Country, Ikea and our mother’s castoffs before we’ve been introduced and wowed by purist modern the likes of Leolux, Poggen Pohl, Luce Plan, and Gamma.

Introduce a friend to true contemporary. Or gift yourself. Either way, it’s a sure thing you’ll fall in love all over again with Studio2b.