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Thoughtful Design Is As Much About What You Do Not See As What You See

I have always believed that less is more.

Doors are Passageways

When I walk into a space I want nothing to shout at me not one particular piece to say “look at me” I want to hear a melodic chorus of “Look at us” harmony and synergy would be the desired goal in my design world. Furniture, art, carpets are all key elements in any space. they demand attention both in selection and in placement. Then there is the connection between spaces, often traversed through a doorway. This is an area of particular intrigue. Doors are barriers to me, I prefer passageways, the smooth and compelling way to either enter or exit or more important, journey. through. Is this a space I want to stay or go? Should this doorway be celebrated or integrated? the element of surprise and intrigue is never obvious, it is sometimes invisible. This is where passion enters, I am passionate about art & design but when you successfully introduce stunning technical function, I am in truly in Heaven. L’Invisibile was for me, like falling in love, I was so excited the first time I saw the catalog, once I looked at the technical drawings (all in English) I thought this company must be Swiss or German, but the design and material selection is definitely Italian. This is the most impressive company I have ever been fortunate enough to work with L’Invisibile is the innovative system for doors and technical locks totally flush-to-wall that eliminates the need for visible door posts, frames, jambs, and exposed hinges to achieve seamless continuity between wall and door. It can be made in all dimensions and shapes. It enables maximum versatility and personalization.. Any architect or interior designer who values the seamless integration of space would fall in love as I did.



Thoughtful Design Is As Much About What You Do Not See As What You See



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