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Poggenpohl Press Release

Poggenpohl delivers sophistication and practicality in a customized kitchen for a home cook in Aspen, Colorado. The project, tailored to fit the clients’ need for style and storage, had specific restrictions with square footage and low ceilings, which created critical thinking and design work for Samantha Bales, Principal of Studio 2b and lead designer on the project.   

“In efforts to bring cohesion and to draw attention away from the lower ceilings, we used the same style upper cabinets throughout the entire space,” explains Bales. “We met and exceeded all of the client's wishes and overcame the dimensional issues of a tight remodel.”














The project seamlessly incorporates the need for function and the desire for a modern aesthetic through amenities and design. The kitchen features upper and lower cabinetry by Poggenpohl, a polished and crisp, white, glass backsplash, shelving to showcase utensils and cooking tools and finally a custom wood chopping block in the island, paying homage to Aspen’s natural beauty.  See Aspen Residence gallery images. 

About Poggenpohl:

Poggenpohl has been planning and producing luxury kitchens at the Herford production plant for 125 years, making it the world's longest-established and most renowned kitchen brand. Custom fitted kitchens delivered to more than 70 countries are produced in a manufacturing area of 54,000 m2. A global network of 450 Poggenpohl studios with experienced designers perfectly implements customers' concepts of an ideal kitchen. Poggenpohl employs around 500 members of staff worldwide. Since February 2017, Poggenpohl has been part of the ADCURAM Group AG based in Munich, Germany.


Poggenpohl Press Contact:

Paul McCormack, Poggenpohl U.S.





Poggenpohl Press Release



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