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Our Showroom

Our Showroom

Nearly two decades brings Studio 2b to its permanent home in Denver's Rino Art District. Like many of the buildings in this area, our space was once a forgotten structure until we gave it new life in 2008. This 1940's garage is part of the previous Benjamin Moore paint facility. It was an empty shell until we brought in the team at Studio H:T to recreate what would become our home from home.

Porcelanosa tiles greet you with vibrant reflections at the entrance of Studio 2b. Throughout the day, these luminescent tiles absorb and retract light from surrounding buildings-as if communicating with the environment. A neon doorbell adds a polka dot of color, opening the entrance to a place unlike any other. Studio H:T imagined a floating loft  that houses our offices and an upstairs showroom, while the ground floor is host to striking furniture and world class kitchen systems. Even the cement with its intersecting floor joints is a nod to our place in the crisscrossing streets of Denver.

Studio 2b will transform and stimulate the way you visualize your world. We invite you to visit our reclaimed space and experience it first hand.

Our Showroom



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