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Poggen Pohl

Poggenpohl is the oldest kitchen brand in the world with its beginnings in Germany in 1892. Poggenpohl’s modern minimalist, unadorned style is coveted around the world. Each kitchen is made to order, no two are ever the same. Uncluttered and sleek, the juxtaposition of wall-mount cabinetry and shelving underscores the “Less Is More” philosophy. Slim linked woods, just 12mm thick, are strong enough to support a lifetime of use. The beauty of Poggenpohl is inside-out. Each drawer and shelf is thoughtfully equipped with organizers and accessories that make meal preparation a breeze. Best innovation ever: Poggenpohl’s step ladder tucked into the plinth. It’s effortless to pull out and set up. Finally, finally you can reach the top shelves, meaning that you can make use of high storage like never before. Want it now? Some of our European lines have stock in the US, in which case, we can offer Quick Ship on select items. Please Contact Us for instant gradification.