Design Studio

Design Studio

Nearly two decades brings Studio 2b to its permanent home, a creative, vibrant and energetic neighborhood; known as the River North Art District (RINO). Like many of the buildings in this area, our space was once a forgotten battered structure until we gave it new life in 2008. This 1940′s garage is part of the former Benjamin Moore paint facility. It was an empty, lifeless shell until we breathed new life into it to create what would become our home away from home.

People often just wander in and they say some of the following things:
"What is this place ?"
"I found you by accident"
"Do you live here ?"
"I had no idea a place like this even existed in Denver"
"This is exactly what I have been searching for"

In the end one thing they commonly say about discovering us is "it was meant to be," and we love to hear all of it !

Porcelanosa tiles greet you with vibrant reflections at the entrance of Studio2b. Throughout the day, these luminescent tiles absorb and retract light from surrounding buildings-as if communicating with the environment. A neon doorbell adds a polka dot of color, opening the entrance to a place that's unmatched. Studio2b hosts a floating loft that houses our offices and an upstairs showroom, while the ground floor is holds striking furniture and world class kitchen systems.

Studio2b will transform and stimulate the way you visualize your world. We invite you to visit our reclaimed space and experience it first hand. Enjoy the virtual tool above or come in and see what new designs and furniture we've got in recently.

Design your own home

Studio2b has professional designers to help clients create their ideal home. For years we've become an indispensable resource for our clients, architects, and designers. Our designers and the owners are skilled consultants which are passionate to assist you design a custom space for you to call your own.

Our portfolio of elegantly designed interiors is just the beginning of the products we have available to your imagination. From new homes to lofts, beach or mountain town homes to condo and high-rise apartment buildings, our design team has created beautiful modern interiors for clients across the nation.

We would love to consult with you about your needs and your style.

Choosing to work with us is just the beginning of a wonderful relationship, you will find that we can and will be able to Design your entire project or just a portion of it, if you have a Designer or Architect, we are able to fully integrate our designs into their plans.

We have the most amazing products and we source exactly the right selections for you and your personal style. We purchase directly from our manufacturers at true and realistic prices, you will always get the best value for your money. We work hard, and we know you work hard also, we treat your project and your budget as if it were our own, choosing wisely and thoughtfully. We are a full service Design studio and showroom and you will always be treated as a welcome guest in our studio, as if it were our home. We invite you in, relax, let us prepare a fantastic cappuccino or espresso and let's start the conversation.

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