Fabulous Furniture

Furniture should not just look good but feel good. Enrich your rooms; give them soul and an atmosphere that people won't forget. If you're looking for an incredible modern piece to accompany your dining room that will give it a contemporary appeal, we're sure to find you that perfect piece, one you will not find elsewhere. Choosing individual furnishings that are functional, stylish, and durable will make your space inviting while articulating your individuality.

Embrace Bold Character

Kitchens are social

In many homes, there's no spatial separation between cooking, eating and living these activities and areas overlap seamlessly. Poggenpohl is the perfect choice because it offers living and dining solutions in a universal design language. Not just for the kitchen, this German custom cabinetry offers exceptional detail and attention to form as well as function to create spaces that are as sensible as they are striking. To view a few of our recent Poggenpohl kitchen projects click images below.

Innovative Modern German Kitchens

Illuminating Lighting

Lighting is one of the most underrated and least emphasized component in the home. Lighting is both functional and artistic, it sets a mood and highlights the integrity of the overall design and function of your home. The lighting fixtures we offer are chosen for durability, functionality, and aesthetics. Aqua Gallery & Jeremy Cole create Brilliant Sculptural works of Art by hand that are strong focal points of beauty that illuminate from within.

Brighten Your Character

Soul and Fine Arts

What sets apart a house from a home is personal taste and style. Art, rugs, accessories, these are personal choices that provoke, intoxicate, sooth and nurtures the viewer, choosing and placing them are the defining moments in design and the most pleasurable part of our process.

A Touch of Audacity

Passageways and Doors

Passageways, the smooth and compelling way to either enter, exit or more important, journey. through a space Is this a space I want to stay or go? Should this doorway be celebrated or integrated? Our German sliding doors are smooth, translucent, or opaque, they can be an entire wall. Invisible, fully integrated doors, doors that pivot, left right or center, and pocket doors that align flush with the wall. All magical Italian designs. Our doors are more than closing elements, they articulate, define and enhance the flow of space.

Open Possibilities

Grounding Flooring & Rugs

Walk on Art. Art is not confined to the walls but flows freely underfoot in choosing carpets and flooring. Texture, warmth, balance and strength, flooring is the interior foundation of your home. Mafi all natural wood flooring produces natural wood floors exclusively in Austria. Each floor is completely organic and individually tailor-made for each client, with more hands than machines. and individually tailor-made for each client, with more hands than machines and within four days.

Deepen Your Roots

Inspiring Offices

Working at home has become both desirable and economical. Space is always a challenge, your home office can be anywhere in your home. From floating wall desks to full customized spaces that function as a study and guest room, this is one of the areas we really excel. We know how to design and store everything. We have sofas and sectionals that transform, desk that appear and disappear, hidden doors and hidden beds. We can draw it, design it and install it.

Unbounded Success

Refreshing Bathrooms

Contemporary European bathrooms are typically designed to maximize storage while providing an elegant necessary space that is used every day and demands functionality and durability. Italian and German bath products are representative of forward-thinking designs with clean lines, geometric patterns, curves and a balance of color. Create a refuge and besides the front door, almost all of your friends, family and visitors will visit the powder room, the one great (small) space to truly express yourself with a masterpiece of functional art. The master bath? most people call it a retreat, we think it should be a treat, a vibrant energetic space to invigorate you in the morning or a warm, embracing haven to wind down at the end of the day.

Elegance Unmatched

Magical Transformables

Transform trans·form
verb: transform; 3rd person present: transforms; past tense: transformed; past participle:
transformed; gerund or present participle: transforming
1 1.
make a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance, or character of.

Clei, or space saving systems from Italy define, refine and dazzle with the intricate technical and design solutions. These systems are similar to a Murphy bed or wall bed but they are so much more than simply a bed that folds into the wall. Designed as complete systems, they are the slimmest wall bed systems in the world at just 13" Bunk Beds, double and queen size bed systems; they incorporate tables, desk, sofas and storage units.

So many of our European furnishings have transformable features, extension dining, coffee and side tables are a few of the space saving solutions. We love to design small spaces, second bedrooms, home offices and study's. We challenge our design skills and are fascinated by innovation.


Outdoor Freedom

Living in Colorado blurs the line between indoor and outdoor space, there are no boundaries. The sunshines bright and often here in Colorado, we have chosen lines that are durable with strong UV resistance and finishes that withstand the extreme temperature changes. Ego Paris is a line from France, unlike any other typical colorado mountain style you will see. The lines are sleek, all anodized aluminum and designed for the smallest space and the largest space. Designed to transform your landscape and your life, many designs reconfigure and change with simple movements. Ego paris is just one of our modern landscape lines including sculptural planters and elegant shade solutions.

Wild Sophistication