About Us

About Us

We are a creative team of artists and designers who are passionate about the art of design, not just selling product but tailoring the choices of materials to the individual and creating the very best scenario of design and functionality. Rooms should look good and furniture should feel good, form follows function. A simple philosophy in theory, raw talent, hard work, and experience make it all possible.

Studio2b is an environment that cultivates harmony in the expression and balance of it's space, drawing upon it's masculine and feminine energies, materials, textures and colors, resulting in an elegant and inviting modern design. The personal transformation of ones home utilizing experienced designers allows one to create an oasis where the worthy, bold, and unbounded souls that are never satiated are able to seek comfort, solace, inspiration, and satisfaction.


Our lifestyle showroom and design studio exists solely to spark your imagination and make it reality. This is why respected designers and architects across the country refer us to clients seeking rare and visionary projects. We invite you to meet us, share an espresso, and a dream.

We travel the world, meet renowned designers, and bring only the most innovative ideas and furnishings to our lifestyle showroom. Our studio and showroom is an experience and part of our own lifestyle that we hope to share with you. We select all of our products from personal experience, in fact, we live with our products both in the showroom and in our own home, we know how they look and how they feel, most of all how they endure time and use. As artists and designers, discovering those elusive, specialized furnishings inspires and refreshes us - it keeps us coming back for more. One of our favorite clients recently told us "you guys find the coolest stuff" - something that we hear consistently from architects and designers. You know what? we really do, and you have to experience it first hand.

This all sounds perfect doesn't it? Reality suggests it is going to be expensive. Most of our products are considered luxury, partly because they offer a level of quality not easily found. Partly because they are costly, but less is more. We know, or hope you have a budget, we work best with an established budget, a realistic one.

Having a life of luxury does not mean you break the bank, it means you choose wisely and prioritize. We are experts at defining needs. We spend your money like it is ours, with great care and thoughtfulness.

Please do drop in, you will be impressed at what you see, and you will have one fantastic espresso or a cold beer on tap - complimentary of course!

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At Studio2b We work directly with the factories, we travel to Europe frequently to stay informed (and because we like it) of all the hottest new introductions. Most of our luxury European products are selected for their stunning design, structural integrity, environmental sensitivity, and sometimes just because they look and feel so good that we simply have to order it. Yes, sometimes we order two because one just has to go home!



Ss2b-about-us-02amantha And Allen Bales have been collaborating and creating for over 22 years. Our success is both personal and professional, partners in business and life, we have always shared the same vision. Studio2b is about the shared vision between different individuals. We embrace the opportunity to listen, learn, and explore the visions and desires of our clients. As a team, we build upon that vision and create a living environment that truly reflects your taste, and your lifestyle.

As artists ourselves, our commitment to the arts absolutely requires respect for original design, along with fair compensation for every artist, designer, and laborer. We insist upon excellence on all levels, including our own. We will be honest if we believe that you won't be happy with a product or design. For us it is not about the sale but the relationships that we already have and new ones we are cultivating every day. We are fortunate to have met some pretty amazing people in our showroom who have become very close friends. Doing business with people you like certainly blurs the line between business and pleasure.


s2b-about-us-03Offering more than furniture, Studio2b has professional designers to help clients create their ideal home. We're an indispensable resource where our designers and owners are talented consultants that can help you match contemporary furniture with the latest space engineering technology. In combination with your wide selection of collections, featuring the world's best fabrics, leathers, color palettes, and directories of resources to make your dreams come alive.

Our skilled design team will review your property and determine a plan a creative plan and blueprint for you to make the most out of your space. Using the most innovative technology we are able to create a virtual space through hand drawn or computer rendered drawings prior to your purchase and installation to provide you the unique opportunity to visualize your dream home. This is only one of the personalized design services we offer.

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Showroom Hours:

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